We're Expanding Our Roots!

Coming Soon: The Best Cannabis Store In Port Credit!

Dive into our latest addition in Port Credit, Ontario. The Farmhouse Port Credit is adorned with a fresh ambiance, the same trusted quality. Stay tuned for exclusive products and grand opening promotions!

Burlington's cannabis destination map marker icon representing The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. location.

Burlington's Trusted Cannabis Destination

Step into The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. in Burlington, Ontario, and immerse yourself in a community-centric dispensary that radiates warmth and inclusivity.

Diverse Cannabis Selection for Every Enthusiast

From aromatic cannabis strains to delectable edibles and potent tinctures, our Burlington location boasts a meticulously curated assortment to cater to both newcomers and seasoned cannabis aficionados.

Calendar icon for The Farmhouse Cannabis Co.'s new cannabis store opening in Port Credit, Ontario.

Coming Soon: Port Credit Cannabis Store

Coming January 2024, experience The Farmhouse Cannabis Co.’s signature offerings in our brand-new Port Credit location. Stay tuned for grand opening details!

Grow Positive Thoughts

On the farm, we learned early and are reminded often that sharing is caring. That’s why we’re only too happy to share with you our thoughts on our industry, new products, and the different ways our customers use our products in their lives. In return, we hope you’ll share some of your experiences with us…’cuz helping each other out is what neighbours do.

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At Farmhouse Cannabis, we listen first and offer advice later, like our Grandparents taught us. We want to nurture your relationship with cannabis. We’ll teach you a bit about life at the Farmhouse, the seeds we’re sowing, and the crops we have on hand. You’ll find life moves just a bit slower around these parts, and that’s the way we like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. is a legal cannabis dispensary in Burlington. Browse our wide range of cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, oils, capsules, and topicals.


We are thrilled to serve as a legal cannabis dispensary in Burlington, Ontario! At Farmhouse Cannabis, we bring the farm to you in the form of a wide variety of cannabis products. Our collection is suited for newbie and veteran cannabis users alike. Browse our range of products and buy weed online today!



We are a new retail cannabis store based in the fertile fields of Burlington. Our presence gives residents of surrounding areas access to high-quality cannabis products that we are excited to share! Farmhouse Cannabis is your one-stop shop for high-quality products whether you visit our store or buy online.


Count on Farmhouse Cannabis to treat you like a guest instead of a customer. There are many reasons for trying different types of cannabis products, and our experts can guide you. Whatever your needs may be, we make discovering the ideal cannabinoid potency or favourite terpene profile enjoyable, come shop with us.



Our range of high-quality cannabis products include:

Flower: Enjoy daily specials on sativa, indica, and hybrid strains delivered straight to your doorstep with our cannabis flower. Discover a wide range of flavours and aromas with cannabis from so many weed strains to try!

Pre-Rolls: Take the hassle out of choosing a cannabis strain, grinding your flower, and rolling a joint with pre-rolled cannabis!

Cannabis Edibles and Beverages: Cannabis-infused foods and drinks make it easier to consume the plant and enjoy its effects. Browse our collection of soft chews, caramels, gummies, chocolate truffles, colas, and iced teas to taste the difference!

Vaporizers: Our cannabis collection includes various vape cartridges featuring the tastiest blends, including Magic Melon, Kush Mint, and Banana Daze. 

Concentrates: By processing the whole plant and refining it to only contain pure compounds, concentrates maximise the benefits of the plant. Our hash and extracts are made from the highest quality cannabis, without the usual impurities present.

Oils: Cannabis oils allow you to introduce cannabis into your daily routine. You can use it for many things, from skincare to recipes. Enjoy your next meal or beverage with a few drops of cannabis oil today!

Capsules: Another edible form, cannabis capsules make it easier for you to consume cannabis for its benefits. Enjoy a controlled dose of cannabis compounds with these convenient pills!

Topicals: Our range of cannabis-infused topicals includes balms and lotions so you can gain from its benefits without ingesting it. Apply our special topicals directly onto affected areas to feel the relaxing effects cannabis can have with higher levels of CBD!



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New to Cannabis? Get in Touch!

From farm to roll cannabis dispensary in Burlington Ontario

Wondering where to begin your cannabis journey? You’ve come to the right place! At Farmhouse Cannabis, we are a pot shop that’s comfortable enough with our relationship with cannabis to offer advice.

We will customise our recommendations based on your specific needs. No matter if it’s your first time trying cannabis or you’re trying something new, we’re excited to help you cultivate happiness.

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