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Celebrating Community Spirit: The Farmhouse 2nd Annual Community BBQ

2nd Annual Community BBQ at The Farmhouse Cannabis Dispensary in Burlington Ontario

Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the season than attending a community BBQ with good food, fun activities, and a dose of philanthropy! This July, The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. invites you to participate in our 2nd Annual Community BBQ. The event promises to bring together the local community of Burlington, Ontario, in a lively and warm atmosphere of sharing and caring.

Located at 666 Appleby Line, Unit C101, The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. continues its long-standing tradition of neighbourly love and care by organizing this grand event, aimed at giving back to the community and raising awareness for a significant cause.

A Day Filled With Excitement and Joy

Our Community BBQ, scheduled for Sunday, July 9th from 11 am to 3 pm, guarantees to be a day full of joy and entertainment. Enjoy complimentary food, a vintage car show, and a variety of engaging games. We assure you that it will be a day well spent with family, friends, and neighbours.

Charity Raffle – Win While You Give

Add a dash of excitement to your day by participating in our charity raffle. Purchase raffle tickets at the store – not online – and stand a chance to win exciting prizes, including gift baskets and branded apparel. The prices are pocket-friendly: 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5, and 5 tickets for $7. Remember, there’s no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, and the best part – all proceeds go to The Compassion Society of Halton.

Supporting The Compassion Society of Halton

We believe in supporting local causes that make a positive impact. This year, we’re proud to donate all proceeds from the BBQ to The Compassion Society of Halton. They provide much-needed help to those in need by offering food, clothing, and outreach support. Join us in this noble cause – every bit of help counts.

Donations Needed

In the spirit of giving, we’re also accepting donations of food items, toiletries, and personal care items up until the day of the event. Drop your donations in the barrel at the front of the store. Your contribution can make a significant difference to someone in need.

Meet Cannabis Industry Representatives

Curious about cannabis products? Get your queries answered straight from the industry experts. Representatives from various cannabis companies will be present at the event, offering insights and education about their products.

Join Us for a Day of Fun, Food, and Philanthropy!

Mark your calendars, and be a part of this fantastic community event. Let’s come together to enjoy, celebrate, and contribute to a cause that can make a real difference.

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