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The Farmhouse Cannabis at 666 Appleby Line is in full swing for the summer season. The day of the event was wonderfully spent with family and friends, both new and old! We had a memorable afternoon at the inaugural community barbeque hosted in front of our cannabis store in Burlington, Ontario. We at Farmhouse Cannabis Co. are grateful for the huge success that our BBQ and Grand Opening were – thank you for supporting us and the staff!  

Grand Opening and Community Barbecue Update: Prize Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our prize packs contest, which was held at our first community barbecue hosted at The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. in Burlington, Ontario while celebrating our Grand Opening of the store. 

If you are the winner of a prize, you can pick up your package at the store during business hours.

Yanni – Hustle & Shake 
Claudia C – HEXO
Luke – Hybrid 
Dom – Carmel 
Chris M – FWW & Wyld
Katherine L – Northbound & Sensi Brands 
Andrew T – Color Cannabis 
Jenn B – Ness
Jordan A – Gage 
Brad – Greybeard 
Rhys – Pure Sunfarms/Tam Tams
Kyle M – Papas Herb/Spinach/Highly Dutch Organic/Maricann 

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Stop by the store to pick up your very own Farmhouse punch card!

Spend 40 and receive a stamp. 8 stamps gets you 15% off cannabis!

More pictures from the event

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