5 Reasons To Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

One of the main reasons I now choose to buy my cannabis from a dispensary near me is that I get to spend as much time as I like in the store actually shopping from the array of products that are now readily available. More often than not, I will gladly take the advice of the friendly budtender who is willing to explain differences in not only pricing but also the effect of various strains or other infused products on well-stocked shelves, from edibles to drinks.   

Funnily enough, even though the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis is legal in Canada, I have seen reports that many people still purchase it illegally from shady dealers who typically only have one strain available and not a lot of time to chat about any other options I might want to consider. Frankly, they offer a “take it or leave it” option.

I find purchasing cannabis legally nowadays is fun and, while standing in a brightly lit and air-conditioned dispensary, I don’t mind hearing about a new pipe or a new brand of rolling papers that have been recently introduced for my smoking enjoyment.

Besides, when purchasing cannabis, I prefer to put my hard-earned money into the hands of honest business owners and their employees, not to mention the various other people who earn an income from a legal and safe sale to people like me. 

As you know, cannabis sold illegally presents a lot of issues, not just the risk of getting in trouble with the law. It lacks regulation and, yes, puts money into the hands of criminals. When the government in Canada legalised the sale of cannabis, I now don’t need to source my weed from the guy on the street anymore, who back in the day may or may not have what I was in the mood for, whether sativa, indica or hash, or anything else, including a lighter if I needed one. 

There’s cannabis near me now, and I see all the benefits of legalisation. In this article, I’ll discuss why it’s better to buy from a cannabis store in my area, like Farmhouse.

#1 Cannabis Near Me Supports the Local Economy

I know people repeat this talking point all the time: support local businesses! But when I think about it, it only makes sense. Especially in the context of illegal cannabis, which puts money in some drug kingpin’s pockets.

When I buy from a local business, I’m building the economy in my area. I’m not handing a corporation money, which will take it and invest it elsewhere. Supporting community-based businesses is an investment in the well-being of my neighbourhood, from the local budtenders and managers, to the lawyers and accountants, who all earn an income from my purchases.

This only benefits me in the end. I’m increasing the demand for a product people need. That investment can only result in increased business, and better quality cannabis for me in the end.

The world of cannabis has all sorts of cannabinoid variants. Buying cannabis near me spurs the economic development of a diverse marijuana market, which includes the legal cultivation, distribution and marketing of cannabis products these days. 

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the cartel. Weed has a long, bloody history, beginning even before Pablo Escobar. It’s a harrowing thought, wondering what it took to get that single gram to me back in the day.

The last thing I want to do is support violence. More than that, I don’t want to support the slave-like agricultural labour it would take to produce it. 

The best dispensaries, such as The Farmhouse, abide by the Cannabis Act, which was introduced by the Canadian government. As you know, the local dispensary doesn’t use violence or coercion to get things done. They employ good, honest people who provide me with quality cannabis that I can rely on and appreciate, and they pay taxes on the products I buy.

When I’m shopping for cannabis at a dispensary near me, I feel better. I’m contributing to local businesses and I don’t feel guilty going in for my bud.

Plus, you could say I’m weakening the cartel and their influence. Every purchase I make from a dispensary near me shifts the weed market to local growers. I’m no expert, but that probably reduces crime, making us all safer in the end.

I understand that regulation and administration can be a headache, as rules tend to slow production and increase costs. But sometimes, that’s worth it to me because it’s safer in the end. 

In truth, cannabis regulation protects me. Buying cannabis from dealers illegally increases the risk of exposing me to dangerous chemicals. That’s because the cartels don’t care if their product is sprayed with dangerous chemicals, as long as they make bank.

Smoking weed should be (and is) a relaxing experience. The last thing I want is for my weekly toke to turn into a hospital visit. 

My local Burlington dispensary obeys the law. They follow the regulations that protect my health. To get their licenses, the owners have to follow a strict legal process to obtain them.

I can rest assured that my weed went through a rigorous production process. Local growers made the cannabis near me with quality in mind, not quantity. I mean, who doesn’t like higher-quality weed for an affordable price?

Finally, I know exactly what I’m getting. If the label says HHC, I know it’s going to be HHC. There’s no risk of mystery synthetics and bud cut with other drugs.

It’s a win-win, since I get to enjoy the pleasurable effects of marijuana, and they get well-earned income.

#5 Buying Weed Near Me Protects the Environment

A key component of the Cannabis Act is sustainability. Put simply, sustainability means creating an economy built on renewable supply and energy sources. Further, it means reducing climate change.

First and foremost, the use of pesticides can harm the soil and local wildlife. It can pollute the environment, and eventually make its way into my body. 

Weed requires a lot of water, and water is often in short supply. I don’t want to purchase weed if the growers drained local rivers to get it.

Plus, depending on the farming process, weed growing could be extremely intensive. It could have a very high carbon footprint that exacerbates the warming of our planet.

When I buy from an illegal dealer, I get what I get. The weed could have come from a plantation that had no concern for the environment whatsoever.

They might have used the cheapest pesticides. They might have depleted precious water resources. And all the while, they might have emitted copious amounts of greenhouse gases to produce it.

That’s not the case with a dispensary near me. I know that the producers they choose to buy from had to keep sustainability in mind every step of the way.

Buy Cannabis from The Farmhouse Burlington Dispensary

It’s pretty clear that dispensary cannabis near me is better all around. It’s higher quality, safer, and less taxing on the environment. When shopping for cannabis from a dispensary near me, I know I’m helping my local economy.

That’s why I buy all my cannabis from The Farmhouse Burlington Dispensary. They’re a legal business that keeps the environment in mind. I can find everything from edibles to concentrates when I shop there.

Check out the Burlington Dispensary menu and see the difference that legal, local weed can make.

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